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Discography/Album Reviews

Discography/Album Reviews


  • Kiss-1974
  • Hotter Than Hell-1974
  • Dressed To Kill-1975
  • Alive!-1975
  • Destroyer-1976
  • Rock And Roll Over-1976
  • Love Gun-1977
  • Alive! II-1977
  • Dynasty-1979
  • Unmasked-1980
  • Music From The Elder-1981
  • Killers-1982
  • Creatures Of The Night-1982
  • Lick It Up!-1983
  • Anamalize-1984
  • Asylum-1985
  • Crazy Nights-1987
  • Hot In The Shade-1989
  • Revenge-1992
  • Alive! III-1993
  • Carnival Of Souls-1997
  • PsychoCircus-1998
  • Symphony: Alive! IV-2003

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