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Vivian Campbell


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Vivian Campbell

Talented heavy metal guitarist Vivian Campbell burst onto the Irish rock scene along with Raymond Haller, Trevor Flaming, and David Bates in a Belfast-based outfit called Sweet Savage. The opportunity to join Ronnie James Dio's band came soon after. Nevertheless, he left Dio in March 1986 after the Sacred Heart U.S. tour, assembling a new project called Trinity along with drummer Pat Waller and bassist David Watson. In 1987, Vivian Campbell stepped into David Coverdale's Whitesnake, introducing Shadow King in 1990 with a live performance at London's Astoria theater. A self-titled album was released in 1991. A year later his guitar skills were requested by Def Leppard to replace Steve Clark, who died from an overdose of alcohol and drugs.
~ Drago Bonacich, All Music Guide

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